My poetry

I recently came across a collection of poetry I wrote in the Navy (about 20 years ago), that I thought I lost. They are separated into sections, starting with Depression, then Love, Navy, and Misc.

I may have written some shortly after I left active duty, but it was all around that time of my life. I was a bit hesitant to share this because some of it is offensive and/or cringeworthy (you’ve been warned), but I’m a very different person today. My writing style is also very different than it was. I know there may be grammar mistakes, but I pretty much kept them all just like they were when I wrote them.

Some of the poems have cursing (I was a sailor) and some may be a bit taboo, but it’s all fiction. There’s a bit of violence in a couple, but it was all for the sake of writing something unique.

All of the following are links to respective pages separated by category.





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