List of disabilities that might qualify for VA compensation

You can see the current disability compensation rates directly from the source ( website) here:

Veterans Disability Compensation Rates | Veterans Affairs

The calculator at the following link can be used to see how much one of your disabilities needs to increase and by what amount (or whatever additional disabilities you need at whatever amounts), to qualify for any additional increase, based entirely on monetary compensation rates in increments of 10%.

All of the conditions listed below were taken from lists from various sources. It includes only disabilities you can potentially receive compensation for, but many have caveats. Every condition has to be service-connected in order to receive compensation at all. Most need proof that they’re service-connected, but some do not (such as Agent Orange-related conditions for Gulf War Veterans).

Service-connected conditions include not only conditions acquired while in the service, but any pre-existing condition that was made worse during the service as well as conditions caused directly or sometimes indirectly (such as medicine side effects) from other service-connected conditions.

The most common source is the Mayo Clinic. Some connect to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and other medical-related .gov websites. The rest connect to other sources that talk about the respective condition. Some talk about potential disability benefits for having it.


Cardiovascular Conditions

Dermatological Conditions

Endocrine System Conditions

Extremity (Lower) Conditions

Extremity (Upper) Conditions

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Head Conditions

Infectious Diseases

Mental Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Neurological Conditions

Reproductive Organ Conditions

Respiratory Conditions

Vascular Conditions

Vision or Hearing Loss and related conditions

ZZZ – Miscellaneous


Here is a source with a comprehensive list of VA disability claims:

The Complete VA Disability Claims List

Additional Resources

Conditions Covered by Veterans Disability Benefits

Eligibility for VA disability benefits

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Receiving VA Disability Benefits as a Victim of Military Sexual Trauma

What Are VA Disabilities?


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