Space Invaders (Java desktop app w/source code)

The complete source code is below. The resources are not included, but you can see a hierarchy of what resources I used, along with their names, below. The download comes with a text file that includes the exact dimensions of each sprite, sprite sheet, and the sprites on each sprite sheet along with how many there are for each animation.


Package Hierarchy

Resource Hierarchy


If you don’t want to copy the source code below, you can download it from the link here for $1. Be sure to select “Space Invaders (source code)” from the dropdown list. Note that the resource files (including the graphics, sound effects, and music) are not included. To get this running, you’ll have to create new new resource files.

The incentive to download is that it includes a text file with the exact dimensions of each sprite, sprite sheet, and layouts of each sprite sheet which will make it easy for you to quickly create replacement graphics. Rather than creating entirely new graphics, you can create placeholder graphic files with the exact dimensions just to get it running. Otherwise, you’ll have to look through the code to figure out the dimensions.

Source Code

“Main” package

“Game” package

“Menus” package

“Entity” package

“Audio” package

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