Abstract data types using typename in C++

C++ has some really great advantages over languages like Java. It allows for abstract data types using the keyword typename. In this simple program, I create a class called Array and pass to it a typename and an integer to declare its size. I’m then able to assign array elements a value that corresponds to the data type I assigned it.

I use three typenames in the example, including int, double, and char.


Source Code


#include <iostream>
#include "array.h"
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char** argv)
  Array<int, 5> data1;
  data1[3] = 3;
  cout << data1[3] << endl;
  Array<double, 2> data2;
  data2[2] = 7.6;
  cout << data2[2] << endl;
  Array<char, 2> data3;
  data3[2] = 'H';
  data3[5] = 's';
  cout << data3[2];
  cout << data3[5];
  return 0;


#ifndef ARRAY_H
#define ARRAY_H

template <typename T, int N>
class Array
	    size = N;
	    data = new T[size];
	  T& operator[](int index)
	    return data[index];
	    if (data) delete[] data;
	  T *data;
	  int size;


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