Take Me Away

As I sit here in my thoughts,
I think of dreams that would have been.
My mind is full of endless knots,
As I drown myself with gin.

I ask of death to take me away-
I cannot stand it anymore.
From this world, I will run away.
There is nothing to be here for.

If you felt the way I feel,
You’d understand and let me die.
There’s nothing else in life more real
Than to have no hope after one last try.

I’ll die today and find my peace,
As life is just an endless pain.
I will not take it anymore-
I think that I have gone insane.

Three Days

Three days from now and I will die-
Away to Hell, as I wave goodbye.
To all those who gave up on me,
Don’t be sorry-it’s my choice to flee.
A year from now and you will forget
That I took my life without regret.
I am not welcome on the Earth-
God’s greatest mistake was my birth.
Please know that I did not run away—
But merely realized this is the only way.
Know that I love you, and I will cease to be—
And you will live forever in Heaven,
With no remembrance of me.

Lost Soul

A damned soul’s fate is what I feel-
A lonely pain that feels so real.
The thought of God has made me kneel-
I beg of him to let me heal.

Please cure the pain that has brought me here-
Please take from my life this constant fear
That in my heart, I hold so dear,
And has grown inside me, year after year.

Tell me, God, what I must do.
I am lost and have no clue.
Without your guidance, I feel a hole
Within my heart and inside my soul.

Listen To This

Listen to this, and hear me loud.
You’ve made me weep, but now I stand proud.
Through all my life, I will always fight
Against you, oh God, and all your might.

You hate me-I know-I’ve felt it so dear.
No longer will you be the one I fear.
You’ve laughed at my misfortunes, day after day,
And all I’ve ever done is beg of you and pray.

I’ve turned my back on you, but know that you were first.
To be with you in Heaven is a thought I did once thirst.
If to you my soul is just a joke,
Then I wish in life I never woke.

Why did you want me around at all?
So you can laugh as you watch me fall?
Lucifer is right-he I shall follow.
My faith with you has made me hallow.


To take this life of endless yearning
Is a thought I’ve been discerning
Inside my head, like a fire burning,
And in my stomach, like an acid’s churning.

Hear me out. Why don’t you listen?
I will end my pain of great despair.
You must know there’s something missin’,
But just as I thought, you don’t even care.

I express my feelings with a pen-
If you cared, you’d hear my plea.
My life is like a boarded den,
Yet no one comes to rescue me.

I think that I will end my life
With a sharpened kitchen knife
To stop this wretched, hurting pain
That has driven me insane.

Or should it be quick, so I don’t think twice.
Should I drive off a cliff? That would suffice.
Then again, I can make it nice,
And choke myself with a pair of dice.

How do you think I should die?
Oh wait, I forgot, you don’t even care.
When I am gone, no one will cry.
I guess it’s true… Life isn’t fair.

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