As I Stand Outside Today

As I stand outside today,
I never thought it’d be this way.
I will think of God and I must pray,
As I walk with you along the bay.

I know my life with you has been okay,
But there is something I need to say,
Ever since that beautiful summer day
In the later part of May.

I know to you I’m sometimes shady,
But won’t you be my wife, sweet lady?
I will buy you a home if you give me a kiss,
And fly us to Rome if you bring me bliss.

I cannot live without you in life.
If you feel the same, please be my wife.
My body shrivels from your simple touch,
As my love for you is oh so much.

She Was A Curse

Behind my back, she would conspire
To give her love to other men.
My life she did once much inspire,
But she broke my heart, again and again.

I thought I was blessed, but I am not.
She was a curse, whom I sought.
I hope my love she has not forgot,
As I wish to Hell she will go and rot.

My love for her has come to a fin,
As she is a whore so full of sin.
In love we were so very much in,
But I wish our love had never been.

Sweet Lady

Sweet lady pudding pie,
Be my honey and don’t you cry.
Beautiful lady of all my days-
Your pretty eyes are like sun rays.

The greatest thing in my years,
I cannot help to shed some tears.
Your looks are like stars in the sky.
Without your love I would die.

Be mine, honey, won’t you please?
If you want, I’ll beg on my knees.
When I stare into your eyes
My stomach fills with butterflies.

I would jump the longest hole,
And climb on top the longest pole-
And I would climb the highest hill,
If my heart you would only fill.


My thoughts have been of great discerning
As I think of my heart’s yearning-
I hope her love I will be earning
So my stomach can stop this churning.

When she’s not here, I feel a burning.
That’s why I’ve been in such concerning
That my life’s made a bad turning-
On the road of life, I feel a curving.

To be with her, I was deserving.
My love to her I would be serving.
Yet away from me, she would be swerving.
Perhaps her love I was not deserving.

My Greatest Treat

Why did I once retreat
From love I felt, oh so sweet?
My life was once so very neat,
As she was my greatest treat.

I now live so indiscrete,
As I sit here in my seat
And ponder my great defeat
As my heart gives one last beat.

I would kneel before her feet
And read a message from my sheet,
As I admit I am a cheat-
But she has left, and will not meet.

The following one isn’t my normal style.

Lost Passion

This fair lass I had once lost, a simple love of great cost
To bring unto my shadows lying a trance of great frost.
Constant questions never answered brought a tear to my eye,
As I sit and wonder, weary, could it be this day I die?
So why in yearning was I being when there was a great love–
Throughout my mind I am discerning with the angels from above.
Can it be my lost passion that has brought me to this place of crime?
Interaction with God and the angels I have yearned for in due time.
So I ask myself just one question–if it were for you to go,
Go back and ask her why–why the sun would set and the seas would flow.
But time has passed and I sit wondering–wondering in this vast mind
Of how I have reached this great loneliness of an undeserving kind.
Trapped inside these chamber walls, thinking of my incomplete life,
Without a care in the world without my lass–my dear sweet wife.
I ask you why, O God, why has my heart grown so cold?
Why must I be without my lass as I die but first grow old?
I see my family in my mind when I was a younger child,
Thinking if I can go back I would allow a life more mild,
But it’s a question of no purpose to the creator who will not answer,
And I will ponder until I pass on from my mind of emotional cancer.
Could a constant question kill the mind of one dear man?
This is something I do truly feel, and yes, it very much can.

The following one I wrote for my dad one Father’s Day.

This guy I know his name is Dad

This guy I know his name is Dad.
I love ‘im so much ‘cuz he makes me glad.
He’s always been there by my side,
Lifting my spirits whenever I cried.

What better man God had in mind
Than the wonderful Dad who are so kind,
And what a lucky guy my Dad wuz
To have me as a son, just b’cuz.

Like a pretty angel carved from sand,
God made my Dad with His right hand.
Blessed us kidz with such a great pa,
I wouldn’t take it back-no, not at all!

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